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Gate Repair Contractor

Gate Repair Contractor

We are known for garage door repair for many years, but we specialize in gate repairs and installation as well.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our emergency service professionals move fast when there are urgent garage door problems

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Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Our team makes it a point to provide the best torsion spring and other garage door repair services.

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Read this section to obtain answers to some of the most important frequently asked questions in the field of garage doors. The information is thorough and will certainly be of great use to you. We have compiled this section to help you take the best decision in different situations you may come across.

A comprehensive garage door FAQ page

The queries that are posted here get answered.

How do I prevent springs from breaking?

Garage door springs do not actually break easily. After all, they are strong enough to lift the heavy door but they need lubrication maintenance and Garage Door Repair La Palma also suggests replacing them before they fully complete their life span based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Why should I get a multicode remote?

Most remote controls have three buttons since the two extra buttons can activate the gate opener or be programmed to disarm the house or car alarm system. The first button will be used for your garage door opener but this way one remote will be convenient.

How do the openers for DIY and professional installation differ?

The garage door openers for professional installation come with a single-piece rail while those for DIY installation have a rail made up of several pieces for the purpose of convenient car transportation. The one-piece rails are generally less prone to damage and more durable.

How can I tell if the springs are already old?

Visual check might not be able to tell you if the springs are old. However, our experts recommend listening to the sounds that the springs make when you open or close your garage door. If they start to make loud creaking noises, then they might already be due for replacement.

Should I attempt to align tracks on my own?

Garage door track adjustment seems easy but it isn't. The hard part according to Garage Door Repair La Palma is that they must be placed at the exact position they ought to be before they're tightened or else the door will fall or bind.

Are nylon garage door rollers better than metal ones?

The nylon rollers have wheels made from nylon and stems made from metal. Nylon wheels make less noise when moving along the track compared to metal ones. They do not require any lubrication whatsoever, less prone to damage, and are regarded to be more durable as well.

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